Quote from the brilliant mathematician and philosopher Descartes: "The wonder that something so useful and so obvious - in hindsight - should have eluded the world's greatest thinkers for thousands of years. But this is an age-old story. In the making of the modern world, the same pattern has recurred time and again: some genius conceives an abstract idea that no one before had ever grasped, and in time it finds is way so deeply into our lives that we forget that it had to be invented in the first place.?

The dawning of the A.T. method of appraising will help all appraisers with how to fill out the form appraisals. It is the first appraisers guide of its kind for breaking down the value into understandable units of comparison. It is easy to use and shows all users and intended users how the adjustments are arrived at.

This product can make training of new appraisers a lot simpler and easier for them to understand adjustments to the form and how to explain them."

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